Lab grown, cultivated meat is the latest advancement in technology in the meat industry. However, awareness and availability are limitations that prevent widespread adoption into the standard healthy diet, primarily in individuals over the age of 55. How might we get this target audience that are set in their ways to trust and try lab grown meats.


In order to establish trust and  appeal to the older generation inspiration was taken from current meat packaging found in local butcher shops.  Also, we wanted   to create awareness that these alternatives to traditional meat products are 100% real meat and real taste, but are completely slaughter free and good for our planet. 

Research & Demographics

The target audience for this particular brief is Baby Boomers who eat meat and have not yet cut it from their diet in any capacity due to differing factors including: They don’t feel like their purchase choices make a difference, They aren’t aware of this type of alternative, or simply the fact that they have always eaten meat and it's a food that they are somewhat emotionally attached to.


5 Weeks

My Roles

Solo Project. Research, Branding, Illustration, Layout Design.


Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma, Procreate


Brand Identity, guidelines, Concept boards, Logo, Merchandise, Website homepage, Social Media blast, Neon Signage, and Promotional Motion Graphics.

Process and Approach

Due to the fact that Lab-Cultivated meat products are new to the meat industry, gathering inspiration from existing examples wouldn’t work here. I took my inspiration from the meat products that our target audience has come to know and trust and also incorporated some inspiration from meat adjacent products like vegan meat products.. I want the customer to have that sense of comfort from the familiar when they see Aleph Farms’ Uncuts products on the shelves of their local grocery store..