Coast Povid


Coast Povid is a Pacific Northwest lifestyle periodical with the focus of connecting with younger readers that are experiencing a global pandemic. The articles range from lifestyle, music, arts, and culture to noteworthy news and political issues.


I wanted to create an art and lifestyle magazine for people in the pacific northwest that have been struggling with the new norm of the post-pandemic, work from home, lifestyle that we have been living in for the past few years.


I started this project already knowing in my mind what the name of the magazine was going to be and what type of content I was going to highlight for my articles and features. As a musician and artist myself I was blown away by the creativity of some artists to flourish and thrive during the pandemic and I wanted to highlight some of those revelations in the articles in the magazine. 


12 Weeks

My Roles

Solo Project featuring photographic work from fellow cohort, Gregor Elgee. Branding, Layout, Creative Director, Print, Binding, Web Design


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Figma, After Effects


72-Page Magazine, Website Landing Page.


The target audience for Coast Povid is the 22-45 year olds living in the Pacific Northwest


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