Poster Design

Poster with jazz instruments, grainy texture, and bright vibrant colors. The words "Earshot Jazz Festival" are across the top of the poster.

Earshot Jazz Festival

This poster design was created for the 2022 Earshot Jazz Festival in Seattle, Wa. The client wanted an updated design, look and feel for the festival for this year. The image was designed to look like a vinyl record cover and was inspired by the album artwork for Steely Dan's "Can't Buy A Thrill."

Grainy Pizza with coffee bean toppings folded in half. Jose Bold is in a bold typeface with a halftone grain over the entire print.

Jose Bold

This poster was designed for Seattle based singer/songwriter, Jose Bold. The design is based off of one of Bold's songs titled Coffee Pizza. The Image for the pizza was hand drawn in procreate and then I used different images of pizza crust and melted cheese to achieve the textures and coloring in photoshop.

Movie poster that depicts a world inside of a globe in outer space. Inside the globe is a Mars rover and two astronauts on a beach in another dimension.

Unknown Movie

This poster is for an imaginary science-fiction movie titled Unknown. The design was built implementing advanced compositing techniques and using random found images, textures, and 3D renderings to create a surreal atmosphere that goes beyond reality. In all there are four different compositions and over 100 different images that make up the design and I used adjustment layers to integrate the unusual combination of images. The typeface and the type treatment were custom made to have that retro 80's chrome look.

A series of 9 posters in a 3x3 grid all comprised of Black, White, and Red color palette and animal patterns.

Collage Sprint

This collection of 9 posters are designed to play with the different compositional rules using only a person, leopard, birds, and black or red color fields.
From the top moving left to right:
1. Focus on a central image
2. Rule of Thirds plus Type
3. Overwhelm The Eye
4. Rule of Thirds
5. Symmetry
6. Stolen Grids
7. Amplify and Overlap
8. Rule of Thirds
9. Central Image plus one shape

A man walking up a floating stone stairway to a doorway that is glowing. Surrounding the stairway are other doors that are floating in the sky.

Aesops Fables

The idea behind this poster was to create an image-only poster that conveyed the moral of the fable, "The Cat & the Fox" without illustrating it literally and no characters from the fable could be used in the design. The moral being that it's better to have one plan that you know works than a hundred you've never tried at all.

A bright and colorful tropical flower pattern with geometrical shapes overlaying the composition.

Bad Beaches

I designed this image for the album cover for Bad Beaches' debut album, "Plan Ahead." The design was also used for promotional materials, merchandise, and social media ads and banners.

The lyrics, "It's been too hard living, but I'm afraid to die" from Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come" are warped and fill the entire composition.

Lyric Poster

The concept behind this design was to create a type-only poster that conveyed the feeling of the song "A Change is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke and used a line from the lyrics. The line chosen for the poster is "It's been too hard living but i'm afraid to die."

Advertisement for the Bic 4-color pen. A hand is holding one of the pens and clicking the green color. There is a halftone texture overlay on the entire poster.

Bic Pens

This is part of a three poster ad campaign to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Bic 4-color pen. The idea behind the campaign was that using the Bic 4 color pen would make writing fun. Our team chose to focus on the concept of the Bic 4 Color pen being the original fidget toy.

A parody on the Absolute Vodka magazine ads of the 90's, but instead of a silhouette of a vodka bottle, the main image is a silhouette of Donald Trump with his hair flailing in the wind. The text on the poster reads, "Absolut Moron."


Event Poster for a Zoom play and learn class for kids at the Seattle Public Library

Seattle Public Library

Event poster for the Ten Minute Play Festival in Portland Oregon. The theme of the festival is Water and there is an umbrella protecting the text on the poster from illustrated raindrops falling from the sky.

Ten Minute Play Festival