Twice Sold Tales Concept Board with Color Palette and Texture Examples

Twice Sold Tales


The current branding for Twice Sold Tales is not consistent across different media. Also, its branding is outdated and in need of a refresh. Even the signage has been unchanged for the last thirty years. How might we recreate the brand to retain the local flavor of Twice Sold Tales while enticing new customers.


We wanted to keep the nostalgic vibe of the old Twice Sold Tales while bringing in a new era of fantastical book loving fans. The concept “Imagination Grab Bag” became the driving force for creating a consistent brand across all media channels.

Research & Demographics

The primary audience for the Twice Sold Tales rebrand are book readers and enthusiasts who value the sustainability in used books, they prefer paper over digital to some degree, they are collectors of rare books, and they enjoy the adventure of finding a hidden gem in a brick and mortar used bookstore. Our target audience also values supporting local, independent, woman-owned and operated businesses whenever possible. 


11 Weeks

My Roles

Group Research, Solo Project.Research, Concept, Branding, Creative Direction,Illustration, Motion Graphics.


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Procreate,
After Effects. Figma


Brand Identity, guidelines, Concept boards, Logo, Merchandise, Website homepage, Social Media blast, Neon Signage, and Promotional Motion Graphics.

Brand Identity

Concept Art

Logo Design

Brand Merch

Twice Sold Tales Beanies
Branded Tote bags for Twice Sold Tales
Twice Sold Tales Beanies
Branded Tote bags for Twice Sold Tales