Vinepop is a new take on the popular wine subscription model with the focus of introducing quality wines to the not so wine savvy consumer and making the entire process pain free and enjoyable. Vinepop is easy to sign-up, easy to choose, easy to edit and easy to cancel.


Finding the right wine can be overwhelming, with too many choices and too little information.  Our subscription service will help narrow down what you’re looking for and eliminate that stress. We also want it to be a light-hearted, fun experience, that escapes the stodgy reputation of wine that haunts our imaginations. With our bright and welcoming design, useful pairing guides and other amusing extras like drinking games, getting a box of wine can always be an event!

Research & Demographics

To better understand our audience, we created a short survey to gauge the potential pain points and determine what features would be helpful for customers interested in or who already had various subscription services.


6 Weeks

My Roles

User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Prototyping,
Group User Research, Layout,  Motion Graphic Design.


Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects.


Brand Identity, guidelines, Concept boards, Logo Design, Mobile Application, Website homepage, Digital Mockups, Example User Experience Flows.


Jessica Hayes
Justin White

UX Flow


Vinepop Figma buttons and components

Figma Screens

Vinepop figma layout